Rings Water

These rings have the structure of a wavy water surface. Available in 2 models: thin (2mm) and wide (3mm) and different finishes.

Ring sizes are specified using internal circumference in millimeteres. To determine the correct size, it is best to measure the circumference of your finger or the inner diameter of a well fitting ring.

Notice: Finger size changes depending on the time of day and the weather. Fingers are smaller in winter or when cold.

Al rings are made in silver Ag925, but also available in 18kt gold (white, yellow or rosé), for more info contact info@21-12.be.

Most models are also available gold plated at an additional cost, this is a temporary finish that wears off after some time.

Black oxidized rings will get prettier in time, when the black wears off, the silver becomes visible.


Water thin: Silver Ag925: €80
Water wide: Silver Ag925: €90


52 (diameter 16,5mm)
54 (diameter 17,2mm)
56 (diameter 17,8mm)

Other sizes available upon request.

price : Starts at €80

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